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Know Your Rights And Responsibilities Workshop

Find out how and when we can bring these courses to your school, organization, church or workplace.

Course A: Do you know the differences among discrimination, retaliation, harassment, or unfair treatment? Have you ever asked yourself, “Am I the only one who is being treated differently?”

Find out the answers to these questions and more in a fast-paced workshop on federal anti-discrimination law protections. This workshop will focus on developing knowledge as well as skills to help you to understand the “rules of engagement” when addressing discrimination and workplace issues under various laws. The workshop will also address common mistakes employers and employees make once a complaint or charge is filed. You will walk away with a working knowledge of anti-discrimination laws and skills to handle bullying tactics at the workplace. Objective: Learn who you should go to for help; what is the legal basis of your claim; when to seek redress; and why you should be proactive and how.

Course B: Are you prepared to leave an inheritance for your children’s children?

Find out the tools that are available to you to secure your family’s future. This workshop will focus on developing knowledge about the variety of tools you may use to protect your assets, direct your medical care, and prepare your estate for distribution according to your desires. You will walk away with a working knowledge of what is available to you to remove the stress from your family due to unexpected events. Objective: Learn about health care directives, power of attorney, wills, and trusts; learn why you must have a plan in place to protect your family’s future.

Course C: What are workplace and school bullying? What are the possible available remedies?

Find out how bullying does not stop when childhood ends. This workshop will focus on understanding your rights and responsibilities when confronted with bullying in schools and at the workplace. Workplace Bullying Institute U.S. Workplace 2012 Bullying Survey reports: 35 percent of workers have experienced bullying; 15 percent have witnessed bullying; bosses comprise 72 percent of bullies; 62 percent of employers ignore the problem; and 40 percent of employees targeted by a bully never tell their employer. Objective: Learn what you can do, how to handle bullying, how to develop your plan of action and how to take action.