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Helping You Navigate Family Law And Divorce Challenges

Being confronted with a family law issue is often among the most stressful times in a person’s life. Family is an essential part of a fulfilled life, and a divorce or other matters can make you feel like you’re losing that.

At Randle & Randle Attorneys At Law, LLC, we strongly believe that you are not losing family, but rather moving toward a new type of family — one that may be healthier for you and your children. We have decades of experience and the resources to help you get through this difficult point in your life and find the happiness you deserve.

God often places His people in strategic positions in order to accomplish His purposes. You may feel insecure about certain matters in your life now, but we will help you find stability with zealous legal advocacy and faith.

Committed Advocates During Divorce

When you are going through a divorce, your attorney should be fighting for your best interests. Attorney Lorenzo Randle will be both your protector and confidant. He will listen carefully to your concerns, make sure you understand your rights and options, and devise a strategy that is fair and favorable to you.

Putting Your Children First

Child custody is one of the most difficult family law issues for many parents to handle. We know how precious your relationship is with your child. Although your relationship may change, it does not have to deteriorate. We have the skills and resources to create custody and child support plans that are in the best interests of your child and make sense for you.

The Benefit Of Mediation

In Maryland, it is mandatory that you at least attempt to settle your family law issue through mediation. Although some couples are unable to reach an agreement and must go to court, the majority find mediation effective and beneficial. Unlike litigation, mediation allows you, not a judge, to set the terms of your divorce or child custody agreement. We will prepare you for mediation, so that the sessions will be more productive for you.

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