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Testimonials From Our Former Clients


Mrs. Randle,

First, I want to thank God for bringing you into my life, to educate and support me during that difficult time. Words couldn’t thank you enough for how you believe in me and my case. I am overjoyed with the results and even though I wanted a different outcome; God has the final word and I am finally at peace and a step closer to moving toward the purpose that he has for me. You are truly God’s Angel. You are truly in your calling and know that I am forever grateful. You will always be a lifetime mentor, attorney, and friend.”

July 2023

Patricia Randle’s consult and representation were impeccable start to finish. She is honest, cuts to the chase, doesn’t waste your time or your money. Her expertise was indispensable and she is worth twice her rate. She came highly referred by a friend, so I knew I could trust her. She knows the ins and outs and will guide you through the process with ease. She had my back and relieved my stress all the way through.

March 2022

I was looking for a specific type of lawyer who was familiar with federal government and the complaint process and Attorney Patricia Randle was highly recommended by an associate. She has been representing me since 2017. I have been very satisfied with her services as well as all of her expertise relating to my case. Had it not been for her background and familiarity with government, I would not have reached this level in my case. Not only does she give me sound advice, but she goes beyond the services that I have paid for by providing additional help with this case. We have many extensive phone calls pertaining to the case and when I hang up, I always feel confident that I have chosen the right representative for my case.


Randle Randle attorneys are the epitome of reliability, knowledge, trust, confidentiality and honesty. I have found Pat Randle as a number 1 EEOC attorney. She is very knowledgeable about the laws and process of filing an EEOC case. Her representation is impeccable, leaving no stone unturned. In my opinion she wins and/or resolves 95% of the cases where she is the representative. She’s honest and forthright when communicating with her clients. She has no room for misleading a client and is the only EEOC attorney I recommend to all in need of honest, outstanding representation, with the intent to win.


My experience with Patricia Randle as my attorney was extraordinarily good. She was the utmost professional and worked very hard on my EEO complaint. We won a good settlement. She is very knowledgeable and has vast experience in regards to the law, employment discrimination, and the labor union arena. She answered my many texts and questions even late at night. She kept me informed of my complaint and was instrumental in the negotiation of a fair settlement. She represented me with the highest standards. I would not hesitate to use Ms. Randle again for any litigation matter and especially in employment law. I cannot recommend Ms. Randle high enough. Thank you.

June 2020

Randle & Randle are exceptional! I hired Randle & Randle to represent me in an EEO case because of their vast expertise and years of experience supporting government employees and their reputation for fighting to get the best outcome for their clients. I was very glad I did. I was treated with first class service by Mr. and Mrs. Randle and their staff. Mrs. Randle, as my lead attorney, provided me with sound legal counsel that included full and clear explanations on the application of EEO law and my case options. She was very sympathetic and understood my personal struggle fighting harassment. Being on the point for my case, she was a fierce and professional negotiator with the agency lawyers and she demonstrated a greater level of skill compared to her counterparts. I found the value of their services I received compared to the fees I paid to be a tremendous value especially when she achieved a timely and better outcome of my case than it looked like to me when I hired them. I sure hope I will never experience harassment again, but if I do I will certainly turn to Randle & Randle again! Thank you always!

ER 2020

Mr. Lorenzo Randle Esq., helped to make my brother’s estate situation manageable. Living distant from Maryland, and at a loss of how to proceed after a brother’s sudden death, the first meeting with Mr. Randle gave confidence to my course of action. We worked through the Court system, probate, quarterly estate accounting, late income tax filings, and property sale. Lastly the close of the estate could not have been done without his guidance and that of his fine staff.He has my heartfelt appreciation and thanks.

Personal Representative
January 2019

Mrs. Randle,
We won! Thanks so much for your support through my most horrific time in my life. Thanks also for believing in me! I will recommend you to any of my friends in need. Hoping our paths cross as friends in the future.

February 2019

I was a government employee and upon checking my personnel file I happened upon derogatory evaluation filed by my previous senior rater. Atty Randle, listened intently to my dilemma and pulled together the details in my case. Atty Randle’s experience, professionalism and genuine concern for my situation as well as her consistent guidance helped me during this trying period in my life. My confidence in Atty Randle is unshaken. My voice has been heard because of her representation. Thank you, Atty Randle and may God Bless you and family.

RB 2019

Attorney Randle,Thank you kindly for your consultation and candor. I truly appreciate your excellent counsel. Meeting you was a pleasure. God Bless.

March 2018

Mr. and Mrs. Randle
Thank you for taking the time out to interview me. I know how busy your schedule is. I appreciate what your firm stands for. I look forward to hearing from you.

March 2018

I hired Mrs Randle to help me for a discrimination charge with my employer. She was outstanding from the beginning to end. Always available, always prepared, always professional. She was exceptional at her job and you will soon realize, the right decision was made in hiring her. Her work ethic and knowledge of everything related to discrimination was top notch. Her ability to create masterpiece documents quickly to meet deadlines was amazing.
She was successful in helping me reach a probable cause finding with the EEOC. Mrs. Randle was also superb when it came to dealing with other attorneys. Although her professional demeanor never strayed, she was tough and applied pressure when needed.
Simply put she is a must have attorney and you will not be disappointed. She is worth every penny spent. You will be more than satisfied with her services.

KD 2018

I sincerely want to thank Mr. Randle and your law firm very much for everything done to protect me and my father‘s estate, While at the same time utilizing tact and respect towards the family members involved.

I had asked a very close Christian attorney friend to assist me in finding a good Christian attorney to assist me with handling my father‘s estate. Ultimately I was guided to Mr. Randle who held my emotional, spiritual and legal needs in a most professional and yet delicate manner through one of the most difficult times of my life.

And in the very brief time that I met with you as well Mrs. Randle, I felt a similar Christian-based, gentle and kind, yet professional delivery. I will continue to refer my friends and family to your law firm, as I know they will be taking care of in a holistic manner.

God bless you and keep you both always.

March 2018

Thanks for all your help and Randle and Randle will always be considered family. Thanks again for believing in me and what I went through, you were definitely GOD sent.

January 2017

Mrs. Randle was a pleasure to work with.
I wanted to personally thank you for assisting me through my EEOC process. I thank God that I was able to locate you on Google. I never met a lawyer so patience and kind. During our initial meeting, we spoke for hours. You were very persisted in getting the full story of my concerns with my employer. I truly believe that God lead me to find you. With Mrs. Randle guidance and knowledge, my case was settled on great terms which I feel great about. My company made a great offer which I accepted. I wish you the best and thanks again for your assistance. It has truly been a pleasure working with you.

I would definitely refer family and friend to Mrs. Patricia for employment law issues.

April 2016

After meeting with and reading the Firm’s page I hired Mrs Patricia Randle. I did not think twice. She understood my situation and has been very helpful with my work situation. I will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is in need of legal assistance.

HS 2015

Ms. Randle’s experience as an employment attorney and Federal employee, has proven to be essential in handling my Federal EEOC case. Her specialized background has been essential in my case. I would highly recommend her to all seeking assistance/advice in Federal employee EEO matters

Alex 2015