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Estate planning tips from the Bible

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2023 | Estate Planning |

At Randle & Randle, we believe in Christian values. That’s why we’re not afraid to sit down and pray with our clients at our Maryland law firm.

Shed some heavenly light on your estate plan

It’s all to easy to get overwhelmed by all the decisions you have to make in the process of creating an estate. Fortunately, if you are a Christian, some of those estate planning decisions are already made for you. The entire process is made much simpler for those of faith because they are informed by the values that all Christians hold.

Among these is the ultimate truth that God owns all things. Once you understand that and operate under that assumption, it is simpler to accept his will for you and form your estate plan accordingly.

The duty of the stewards

We have a duty to look after the people who need us. It’s what God wants us to do, as it is the only way to serve Him and act in as people created in his image.

The thing that motivates all true believers is the innate desire to give love. It’s what makes you continue to want to give more once you start sharing this abundant resource.

Between money and people, if you have to weigh one against the other, human beings will always come out on top in God’s eyes. Thus, his followers should see things the same.

According to God’s plan of stewardship, it is required of a steward to be found faithful. If someone is to be trusted as a steward, they must show their faithfulness. In Corinthians, we learn that it’s important to uphold a reputation as an honest person, never commit theft and live a life based on integrity.

Don’t leave out the logistics

To form a comprehensive estate plan, you should certainly still cover the essentials, including:

• Trusts

• Wills

• Probate

• Property ownership

But you also need something to build a foundation on. God is at the heart of all your decisions, so you must consider Him to develop an estate plan that aligns with His will. Even if you have all of these technical aspects covered and in place, you won’t have anything to guide you. You need God’s wisdom to back up this vital process.