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Helping You Document Your Wishes In A Living Will

How do you want your medical care to be handled in an end-of-life situation? Do you want doctors to do everything possible to keep you alive, or do you want them to let you go at a certain point?

While difficult to think about, these are extremely important questions to answer while you are in good health. Not only will it give doctors guidance to make the right choice, but it will remove the stress from your family in having to make this decision for you. At Randle & Randle Attorneys At Law, LLC, we will help you add this important document to your estate plan in the form of a living will or health care directive.

What Is A Living Will?

Despite its name, a living will is not actually a will at all. Also known as a health care directive, a living will is an estate planning document that allows you to provide direction concerning the medical care you would like to receive when you are no longer capable of communicating your wishes. A living will takes effect when an individual is terminally ill or in a permanent vegetative state.

In a living will, you can choose what type of treatment you want to receive and what type of treatment you do not want to receive. For example, you can choose to receive all available life-saving measures or none at all. You may also specify treatments you would like to receive as well as treatments you do not want doctors to use.

As your attorneys, we will help you make the difficult but important decisions that are necessary to create a living will. We will make sure your wishes are expressed clearly, so there is no room for dispute and to eliminate the stress often experienced by loved ones at that time.

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