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Your Dedicated Advocate In Child Custody And Child Support Cases

Nothing is more important in life than your child(ren). No relationship can compare to the one between a parent and his or her child, which is what makes child custody negotiations so intimidating.

At Randle & Randle Attorneys At Law, LLC, we will be your zealous advocates throughout the custody process. We know how vulnerable you may feel in this situation, but we have the skills and resources to negotiate an arrangement that protects your parental rights and is in the best interests of your children. We have been successful in advocating for our clients for years.

Understanding Your Custody Options

One of our priorities is to educate our clients about the laws and processes surrounding their issue. When it comes to child custody, there are multiple possibilities, including:

  • Joint custody: Joint custody is increasingly common and awards both parents legal and physical custody of their child(ren). In some cases, both parents will have legal custody but only one will be awarded primary physical custody.
  • Primary physical custody: When one parent has care of the child the majority of the time, he or she is the child’s primary custodian. The other parent may be awarded visitation.
  • Visitation: This is awarded to the noncustodian parent and on a schedule determined by the parties or the court; he or she may be entitled to visitation with the child.

The scenario that makes the most sense for you will depend on numerous factors, including the ability of the parents to communicate about the well-being of the child(ren) and both parents’ ability to care for the children. Above all else, your custody plan must be in the best interests of your child(ren).

Helping Grandparents And Other Third Parties Seek Custody

Not all custody negotiations occur between parents. When a child’s parent is unable or unfit to care for him or her, often a grandparent, an aunt or uncle may step in. If you are seeking custody of your grandchild(ren), niece or nephew, we have the ability to help you understand the process and provide compassionate guidance toward the outcome you desire.

Negotiating Child Support

Child support is among the many resources that help ensure a child is well taken care of. Whether you expect to pay support or receive it, our lawyers will guide you through the process, helping you understand your options while vigorously protecting your rights.

Factors Considered By The Court

Child support is awarded based on the Maryland Child Support Guidelines, and some of the factors considered by the court include:

  • The combined income of the parents
  • The presence of any work-related or other child care costs paid by either parent
  • The cost of health insurance for the child
  • Whether a child has extraordinary medical expenses or any special needs
  • If there are private school tuition costs

We Are Prepared To Help

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